About Us


Ever wondered where does a writer find so many stories? How can he/she end up writing relatable stuffs every now and then? Well, dear readers, that’s all your influence. Everyone writes, every single person in this world who knows how to write, writes. We have so many secrets and so few people so what do we do but write? But not everyone becomes a writer. Readers decide who becomes a writer. Yes, that’s all what writers do. Feed the readers their own stories. This interaction, we believe is the cornerstone of prosper literature. The flow of ideas from readers and packed into words, back to them.

That’s all ‘Commas and Half Strokes’ has been doing all these years. Providing a platform to all the reader-writers out there willing to reach out to the like-minded ones.

We are keen about giving budding talents a ground to test their pens. We don’t impose our authors on our readers. Actually, there’s no clear demarcation between these two entities- readers and writers. Most great writers have reportedly been avid readers and readers always have the potential to write masterpieces.

We don’t judge the submissions we receive on the basis of anything else but content. Our editing team is more than willing to make desired corrections given the write up has really good content. Check us out as and you won’t find the same authors being repeated. We’re here to power the new.

New ideology, new concepts, new talents. Be a part of our family- reader, writer whatever! Let’s go a long way, together! Like, comment, share, criticise, submit and just spread the good vibes!

Read. Write. Smile.