Love Line : He looks like a knight, About whom I have read In fairytales


They gave a numerous names
To the lines that ran across the palm.
Love line, Lifeline, Death line, Career line.
And what not?
When I was in high school,
There was a trend of predicting
Love or arranged marriage?
By looking at the
Lines that ran across the palm.

One of my friends held
My palms together and
Checked, if the criss-cross line of
My left hand intertwined with
Line on my right hand?
It did,
“love marriage” she announced.
I was confused,
I didn’t know what was love till then.
Being the geek, who always hurried her nose
Between the pages of book
Never took the time to be in love.

Years have passed by,
Once I stepped into the
World of adult.
I got acquainted with love,
But everyone had different
Perspectives on love,
Some called it a conspiracy
That detaches you from happiness.
Some compare it with
A brimming hot cup of coffee,
That soothes your soul
On a spine chilling wintery evening.
Someone told me,
It resembles a poetry,
That flows out of the pen
Like an ever-flowing river.
That’s all, I learned about love.

Time rolled on,
My quest for love began too.
I wanted to sip that poetry, bliss, and detachment
Served in a red cup of love too.
My “Love lines” meet at the edges of my palms,
But I have not met my love yet.
I kept the words of my schoolmate
safe between
The blank pages of my diary,
Until the day I met you.

Now I rely on every permutations and combinations
To never allow that line to fade,
I search for the first letter of your name
In my palm.
Maybe this is love.
A different kind of love.

I write poems about love
And it is all about you,
I sip coffee instead of tea,
To warm myself upon
A spine chilling winter evening.
This is beautiful,
The only lie
Someone told me about love
Is it detach you from bliss.
Love paved a new path of bliss
For me.
He looks like a knight,
About whom I have read
In fairytales.
He looks like
A stolen bunch of roses,
That adorns your room
On a moonlit night.

-Ankita Das

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