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The day she said goodbye to me and to the rest of the world, I was too young to know what I lost….
I heard everyone saying ” Ohh how I’ll fated child ” Could not understand that even ….
Saw my father in shambles and dismay…
Saw my brother crying for her warmth….
I was somehow ok…
Time passed away , I learned to live without her, we all did…
The initial mercy of others changed into concern, “who would take care of these two extra burdens , who would feed two extra mouth .. who would complete their mother’s part of household work “….
And still did not realise my loss, thought that was the course of life ….
Became the unspoken mother of my baby brother ….
Became the lady of the house unknowingly…
But still did not realize what I lost ….
Never got to know her much cause I decided to shut myself from her memories entirely, no one talked much about her ….
Years passed and I I seldom looked at the old photo albums….
Though I never forgot her , but I had nothing much to remember really ….
Never kept a photograph of her by my side even ….
My dad , my brother , my Gran , became my periphery and concern …..

I guess after two decades, I opened a family tree diary that I made when I was a child and suddenly there it was , her photograph ….
Although there was nothing written except the word “MOTHER”…..
I looked at the picture way too long and first time In my life , I felt , i have an empty space and it would have been nice to know her ….
It would have been nice to have her all by my side…..

-Sparkles Inthewind

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20 shares, 2 points