An Open Letter To Berlin (Money Heist) : Love can’t be timed, it has to be lived

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Dear Berlín,
At the beginning of 1st season, I wouldn’t even dream of putting the “Dear” in front of your name, but the moment you presented yourself, weaponless in front of the snipers..I knew I had to change my mind.

LaCasa De Papel presented you as the good looking, drool-worthy yet narcissistic, egocentric character that we fell in love, then despised, loathed and again fell in love with. While you mesmerized us with your smile, the twinkle by your eyes and your wise words such as,” First times are so special. Unique. But the last times are beyond comparison. They are priceless. but people don’t normally know it’s their last time ”.

You made us loathe you when you forced Denver to kill Monica or when you threw out Tokyo from Royal Mint risking her life and risking the perfect plan of the heist as well. But we were wrong, if anybody cared for the plan as much as Nairobi did, was you. It was your brother’s plan and you couldn’t let any hurdles screw up the plan. We judged your leadership far more than we applauded or cheer you for it. But, it has to be said beyond any doubt, that none was as good leader as you were.
You might be a bit of Psychopath but you cared for your image more than anything else. That is why, when the police sabotaged your character with false allegations, you got back at them saying you could be a thief but never a pimp or paedophiliac.

You had this terminal illness that you inherited from your mother and even after knowing there was no way out, you cheered saying”We are all going to die. And I drink to that because we are still alive. Here’s to life.
You were a complex character yet you made us root for you when you said,” love can’t be timed, it has to be lived“. You believed in love 5 times and at the difficult times in the heist, you let yourself loose with Ariadna only to be betrayed by her.

I wish you had given yourself another chance and hadn’t died point-blank in the hand of police. And yes, you had been a son of a bitch for most of your life but you died with dignity.

To the outside world, you might be Andrés de Fonollosa but to us, you’ll always be Berlín.
A fan.

-Dipanjali Chakraborty

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124 shares, -2 points